Color Scents

Gods Heavenly Scents & Aromas

Colour Therapy and Aroma

I have been on this Journey of Colour Therapy and Aroma. Painting have always been my Therapy as a child and I never departed with my Inner Child! In fact I let my imagination run and here is where it lead me. Creating Treasure Dream Boxes Filled with Colour that radiates vibrations of Healing. Chakra Complete is a part of the inspiration of the Colour Therapy Dream Boxes. What is Chakra Complete? A Organic Handmade Soap that is infused with all shades of the Seven Center Points in the Body and Has Fifteen Pure Essential Oils to Balance the Energies in the body. The two work well together creating " Chakra Complete Survival Kit"! Hand Painted Inspirational Treasure Box can be filled with Our Bath & Body Soap, Essential Oil Blend, Shower or Massage Oil, Body Scrub, Candle, and Meditation Stone with a warm message from me to you. You can create your desired intention, you can create your DREAMS!